Kate Lovell ?@katejlovell May 2
@PlayingON_’s #HearingThings @TheAlbanySE8 written by @PhilipOsment & directed by @jimmythepope is truly one of the best plays I have seen.

Russell Bolam ?@RealRusselBolam Apr 30
#HearingThings @TheAlbanySE8 had the most moving phonecall in a piece of theatre I’ve ever seen. Seun Shote broke my heart.

Matthew Stewart ?@MStewartActor Apr 30
Genuinely lovely show from @PlayingON_ at @TheAlbanySE8 this afternoon. Worth a look if you can tonight. #hearingthings
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Adrian Jackson ?@adrianjakson Apr 30
#hearingthings @TheAlbanySE8 is seriously good witty piece on mental health @PhilipOsment has written. Two chances left to see it
davey nellist ?@nellidge Apr 30
@PlayingON_ #HearingThings is a brilliant piece of work. The characters are so well observed & the subject matter delicately portrayed
Elizabeth Lynch ?@nefertiti35 Apr 29
#hearingthings #mentalhealth @PhilipOsment @jimmythepope @TheAlbanySE8 is really very good. 2 shows tomoz

Jordan W ?@JordanWEaton Apr 29
Still to this day @PlayingON_ are making some of the most important, organic and impacting work out there @TheAlbanySE8! #HearingThings
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Louise ?@LouiseRickwood_ Apr 29
Been to @TheAlbanySE8 twice this week for #HearingThings and Dramatherapists Dread. Both powerful pieces of work with fantastic performances
Zoe Gibbons ?@ZoGibbons Apr 29
Fantastic insight into the pressure upon healthcare professionals in #mentalhealth Go see #hearingthings at The Albany in Deptford

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Time Won’t Wait ?@timewontwait Apr 28
@CardboardCitz spread the word #HearingThings @PlayingON_ @TheAlbanySE8 this weekend it’s AMAZING. LIFE on stage, raw,

Time Won’t Wait ?@timewontwait Apr 28
@BobbytheBaker please go see #HearingThings @TheAlbanySE8 @PhilipOsment @jimmythepope @PlayingON_ this weekend it’s AMAZING #RT please

1. Sarah Sansom ?@Sansomtweets Apr 28 #HearingThings @TheAlbanySE8 a brilliant show about our healthcare system, so topical, it does what theatre should do, move & unite us GO
Sarah Sansom ?@Sansomtweets Apr 28
PEOPLE Please go see #HearingThings @TheAlbanySE8 it’s the best piece of #newwriting I have seen in years @PlayingON_ this weekend only GO!

Heidi Niemi ?@niemi_heidi Apr 28
Beautiful and sensitive work from @PlayingON_ #HearingThings @TheAlbanySE8 Loved the atmospheric set and the sound landscape

Gregory Thompson ?@greg0ryt Apr 28
#HearingThings is terrific on family, mental health and NHS and it’s funny @PhilipOsment @TheAlbanySE8 @jimmythepope

Gregory Thompson ?@greg0ryt Apr 27
Beautiful thought provoking production #HearingThings on the pressures of mental health @TheAlbanySE8 #PlayingON #GoSee #JustThisWeek

Sarah-Louise Young ?@CabaretWhore Apr 27
Great new play at @TheAlbanySE8 called #HearingThings. Exploring mental health, therapeutic relationships & families ties. On for one week!

karen spicer ?@spicerBradley May 1
@PlayingON_ ThankYou for a brilliant piece,portraying people,not just conditions.

Andy Adam?@AndyAdam285
@PlayingON_ What a thought provoking show at the Albany theatre this evening and follow up discussions. Well worth seeing!

samantha lawrence?@sammylawrence
Hearing Things-a powerful play looking at mental health on at The Albany,Deptford. Funny,emotional&engaging #mentalhealth #mindcharity

Ellie BW?@eleanor_bw
“Hearing Things” at @TheAlbanySE8 is incredible: a heart wrenching play abt the dismantling of NHS mental health services. On til Sat 30th.


Sue Buckmaster
30 April at 08:13 •
I have seen two very moving and thought provoking shows this week. Analogues Stowaway at the Shorditch Town Hall and Hearing Things at The Albany by Philip Osment. Talented people creating important work.

Keith Saha
30 April at 00:31 •
Just watched the very special, beautiful play Hearing Things by Philip Osment London people go and see it! 2 more shows tomorrow Albany Deptford

Adrian Jackson Yes go to this – it’s very well written directed and acted. It’s surely at least as good a play as blue/orange dealing with some similar themes

Keith Saha some might say better! It certainly explores a wider range of mental health issues! wink emoticon

Carl Miller
29 April at 00:31 •
http://bit.ly/1UNsMSG Just back from this brilliant play by Philip Osment at The Albany. It’s thoughtful, challenging, poetic and funny as well as a powerful reminder of the human costs of the pursuit of austerity: powerfully political and profoundly entertaining. David Annen, Jeanette Rourke and Seun Shote are a wonderful cast in a beautiful production.

Jessica Higgs Can only add to Carl’s fulsome praise. Many congratulations Phlip for a wonderful, exacting and excellent piece. Great team too! Jess x

Carole Woddis terrific piece Philip. I think of my Dad, a psychiatrist and what he brought back into the house with him after a day’s work.
Philip Osment I’m pleased it resonated for you Carole x
Like • Reply • 29 April at 08:55

Carole Woddis On many different levels, Philip. Also made me think of Joe Penhall’s Blue/Orange. So clever, the way you intertwined the stories and the merging of character – child into parent – in the performing, terribly moving. Congrats to Jim Pope, David Annen and Seun Shote especially. And Jeanette Rourke for catching those strands of emotion so tellingly. And faithfully!

Carole Woddis Beautifully acted piece. many congratulations all round. cx

Sarah Sansom
28 April at 23:19 •
Just watched ‘Hearing Things’ at the Albany Theatre in Deptford and I am writing to encourage you to please go! Its brilliant.
A show about our health care system, about mental health, families, relationships, life. It’s a funny, clever and slick production from an incredible team of artists. It is rare that I am reminded of the power of theatre – this show does what any great theatre should do, move us and unite us.
Only on tomorrow and Saturday and well worth it. Enjoy X

Elizabeth Lynch It was very very brilliant!