Segun Olaiya 31 May, 2012 (whilst visiting Afro-Reggae in the favelas of Rio with the Cultural Warriors programme)

My name is Segun it means to conquer. Where I’m from your name is your destiny, so being here, I feel is part of my destiny.

My body tells you part of my story; the scars are evidence of chasing my dreams the wrong way. Don’t pity me, I only ask, I be given the chance to prove I’m a decent person.

I’ve chosen to eat many bad things in my life, which at times left me empty. I now eat Brazil and taste love, power and the will to live and be happy. Thanks for sharing your food and your souls.

I’m passionate about my community, I will never stop trying to be part of or create something that provides opportunity and takes away some of the bad tastes in their lives.

I hope to be remembered for my good and forgiven for my bad choices. I will never forget what you’ve done for me and how you’ve fixed parts of my heart

My name is Segun and I am your Warrior


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