Playing ON is a theatre company and social enterprise, set up in 2010 to produce quality theatre, transforming the lives of disenfranchised people.

The company translates their authentic voices and real-life stories into high-quality new writing.  Through taking part in Playing On workshops and performances, participants can become professional theatre-makers, gain skills for life and are empowered to re-engage with education, training and employment.

“Playing ON exists to develop and promote theatre as a method for the powerless and the powerful to actively explore the key issues of a shared context.”

– Pauline Gladstone (Chair of the Playing ON Board)


Presented by Playing On
Directed by Jim Pope

Bringing to life Philip Osment’s final play, Can I Help You? is a magical realist examination of the role race and gender have to play in mental health and suicide.  

An off-duty English policeman is about to throw himself off Beachy Head when he is met by a woman carrying a laundry bag and a cat box. Over the course of one night, two disparate characters learn what it truly means to be touched by the magic of hope.  

Join Playing ON at one of the many wraparound workshops and events across the run. From pre and post show workshops to NHS night, from panel discussions to an evening celebration of Philip’s Osment’s work, there is an event for everyone. 

“Its impact on the audience was startling and, for me, it was a most convincing theatrical representation of life in prison.”

– Sir Ian McKellen on INSIDE


“I particularly value Playing ON because there is magic in the process.   Every time I see a performance I come away thinking: ‘how the f**k did they do that?’ “

– Adam Moll (Treasurer and Board Member)

Company Registration Number: 7260538